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Managing the administration, compliance and safety requirements of your people is an important responsibility.

Doing this in-house is inefficient and mistakes can be costly.

Let the specialists take care of all your HR needs for a fraction of the cost.

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Who's on the boat?
Have you got the right people on the boat?

Are they in the right positions?

Do they know their Roles, Responsibilities & Results?

How often do you check in on their performance?

Humanising Performance

High performing teams shift the focus from recruitment and retention to full engagement.

Use our proven system of people management and engagement.

Reduce staff churn & quiet quitting and increase performance and contribution to purpose.

People Performance Plans & Pulse Checks.

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“From day one, our new recruit was a great fit. The marvinHR team impressed us with a seamless recruitment process as well as insightful guidance along the way.”

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