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We all want good people on our teams. But what does good character really mean? Do we make it a critical part of our recruitment process? 
Over the last 20 years, we’ve focused on the importance of character in the recruitment, retention, engagement and performance of teams.

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» Casual and Temporary Staff: $6,500 +GST

» Administration/Executive : $10,000 +GST

» Senior Executive : $15,000 +GST

» Professionals (Lawyers/Accountants) : $15,000 +GST

» C-Suite ( CEO, CFO, COO): $20,000 +GST 

» Scout Survey: $500 +GST


Where we already have a candidate who has passed our screening process and may be a suitable fit for your team, we charge a simple Connection Fee 

» Administration/Executive $5,000 +GST

» Professionals – Lawyers – $10,000



We understand that whilst you want to manage the recruitment process, you may not have time to screen candidates, have the initial interviews and shortlist the top three most suited for the role. We can do this for you for a fixed fee of $3,500 +GST.

» Scout Survey Report and Reference Checks additional $750 +GST per candidate.

» PERTH LEGAL TALENT GAZETTE - Perth Legal candidates open to opportunities - Updated Weekly - click here


We clarify the role and position to be filled. What are the key strengths required? What are the long-term and short-term needs for the role? How will they contribute to the team’s performance? What values and behaviours best suit the organisation? 

Candidate Interviews

With most of the search complete we schedule interviews for you to meet the short-list of candidates. Pre-meeting notes and post-interview briefings will allow you to consider the right fit for the position. Sometimes a second or third interview is necessary to make your final decision.

Advertising, promotion & targeted search

Our fees include advertising on job-seeker portals such as Seek and Indeed. In addition, promoting the vacancy on social media platforms such as LinkedIn has proven very effective. Critically, we conduct a targeted search – as the ideal candidate may not always be actively job-seeking.

The Scout Survey

Our Scout Survey using the Honesty – Humility – Hard Work framework and our proprietary team-performance dimensions provide you and the successful candidate an in-depth understanding of their personality and performance paradigms. This powerful tool helps onboarding, induction and engagement of your new team member.

Applicant Review

Depending on the position advertised, we may receive 50 to 100 applicants. Screening for the right candidate is a painstaking exercise. What is presented on a written application may not always reflect the candidate’s ability, suitability or potential. Our comprehensive screening process considers all these aspects.

Comprehensive Checks

Depending on the role, we conduct a comprehensive list of checks. These include speaking to referees and references and qualification verification. If required we can also conduct Police checks, Working with Children, Australian Working Eligibility and Social Media reviews.

Shortlisting & Interviewing the very best

We interview the initial shortlist to get to know each candidate better…understand their capabilities and key strengths. Spending time with potential employees is important in order to ascertain their suitability for the role and the organisation. It also allows us to cross-check details from the application and explore other related matters.