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Some of the organisations we’ve worked with…

Some of the organisations we’ve worked with

What our clients say about us…

We engaged the services of Marvin Consulting for our recruitment, they took care of all the work involved with identifying and screening the right person for the job and the right fit for our organisation. We highly recommend them for your next recruitment.

Catholic Homes

Paul Andrew

Chief Executive, Catholic Homes

The big picture thinking and strategic direction that Nick Marvin has been able to help implement into our business over the years has delivered measurable results with invaluable impact to our company. Navigating through the business of sport on a global platform has been something that Nicks proven expertise has helped successfully transform and evolve various areas of the business in an ever changing competitive landscape. Our partnership with Nick has become a cornerstone for the direction of the business as we feel excited about future scale and growth opportunities long term, and the impact on lives along the way.

Hype Tours

Aaron Ford


As a growing company, recruitment is high on our list of priorities and we have used marvinHR to assist with finding the very best candidates and are very happy with the service we have received. We find the team very professional. They listened to our needs and knew exactly what we were after. I highly recommend them

Sharon Cork

Director, One Energy

We engaged marvin Consulting to clarify purpose, people and performance in our organisation. With their advice we streamlined our offices and infrastructure and invested in outdoor and online marketing.
marvin Consulting also assisted us with the HR needs of our team including performance management and recruiting of staff.
Their unique methodology not only identified the appropriate skills but more importantly the right character and culture fit for our business.
Their regular One-on-One meetings with key staff was also very effective in our people performing to their potential.
Their support particularly through the recent pandemic was very helpful.

Ray White

Elsie Corby

Principal, Ray White – Rockingham Baldivis

marvin consulting has been advising us on our strategy, people and operations.
During that time they have assisted us with our Human Resources needs including engaging our people better, redundancies and talent acquisition.
By using Marvin Consulting for our recruitment they took care of all the work involved with identifying and screening the right person for the job and the right fit for our organisation.
We highly recommend them.

Neat ideas

John Beardsley

Managing Director, Neat Ideas

Nick is an exceptional speaker with the credentials to match. We were lucky enough to have Nick present to 50 business owners and businesspeople who gave rave reviews of his performance. His story gives an insightful view as to how the theory can be applied effectively (and consistently) to deliver results. Nick presents with a style and flair of his own which is engaging and ultimately very direct. His lessons elegantly simplify what it means to be a leader of an organisation, a leader of people and a leader of change.

JBC Corporate

Christian Ainsworth​

Director, JBC Corporate

As a growing company, recruitment is high on our list of priorities and we have used MarvinHR on several occasions to assist with finding the very best candidates, and have always been very pleased with the service offered. I find the team, professional and helpful; they listen to what our needs are and the type of candidates we want. They are also very adaptable to our changing needs and never complain when the goal posts change or we are slow at giving feedback. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Bella Build and Design

Tristan Burton

Operations Manager, Bella Build and Design

Nick is an engaging presenter and facilitated a powerful session with 50 of our hospital leaders. His stories of living and leading from a values-base are both inspiring and challenging. The lessons Nick shared with our team have had an ongoing impact throughout the organisation. Nick communicates with conviction reinforced by research and lived experience. His message cuts through the noise that often fills our minds (and hearts) and rings true as a guide to living authentically and effectively as leaders in work and indeed, all of life.

St John

Tara Peters

Director of Mission Integration

Nick is an exceptional communicator with the ability to keep his audience engaged and inspired. Nick spoke to 40 of our athletes on the importance of character on and off the basketball court. We take the development of the whole person seriously, and Nick was able to speak into this with inspirational stories, proven methods and raw authenticity. His love for people and his desire for them to succeed through hard work, humility, and, an understanding of their self-worth is a message that rarely gets shared today. The lessons shared with our athletes will have a positive impact beyond the 60 minutes he spoke for.


Rev. Anthony Palmieri

During a recent DLGSCI Leadership series workshop, describing core values of successful teams and how to implement them, Nick presented “The Scout” framework comprised of Five Dimensions. All 20 WA State level coaches and officials in attendance, and myself, were very impressed and would unreservedly recommend “The Scout Survey” to any organisation engaged in recruitment, leadership development and cultural change. How we do something (character) is more important than what we do, measuring our behaviours not just outcomes, and conducting weekly catch ups with staff (not annual reviews) are just 3 take-aways from what was a truly inspiring delivery.

Performance Perspectives International

Dr Sandy Gordon

Director, Performance Perspectives International

“We engaged marvinHR for a recruitment process focused on locating a person whose character was the best work cultural fit. We have an established set of values, so we were keen to find someone open to our way of working. The marvinHR team handled everything, so the process was easy for us. We were surprised that the fees were reasonable. From day one, our new recruit was a great fit. The marvinHR team impressed us with a seamless recruitment process as well as insightful guidance along the way.” –

OM4 Agency Logo

Julia Sutton

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