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During a recent DLGSCI Leadership series workshop, describing core values of successful teams and how to implement them, Nick presented “The Scout” framework comprised of Five Dimensions. All 20 WA State level coaches and officials in attendance, and myself, were very impressed and would unreservedly recommend “The Scout Survey” to any organisation engaged in recruitment, leadership development and cultural change.
How we do something (character) is more important than what we do, measuring our behaviours not just outcomes, and conducting weekly catch ups with staff (not annual reviews) are just 3 take-aways from what was a truly inspiring delivery.

Dr Sandy Gordon, Director,
Performance Perspectives International

Performance Perspective International

“The Scout Survey gave us insights and practical tools to engage our staff better and improve team performance…”

—John Beardsley, Neat Ideas

Some our clients who have benefited from the Scout

A one-page dashboard…and how you can use it to better understand your team members and fully engage them.