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The importance of HOW.

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For over two decades, we have been obsessed with the importance of HOW.

Whilst Purpose (why), People (who) and Performance (what) are the three critical pillars of functional organisations, the importance of HOW is often ignored.

We always need to Fight the Good Fight!

What profit is there in conquering the world if we do it at the loss of our soul – our moral compass, our true north?

Our newspapers’ financial pages are filled with daily stories of organisations succeeding on quantitative metrics – but failing miserably on the qualitative.

We talk about integrity but fail to act.

We must all pass the character test daily – Honesty, Humility & Hardwork – by re-calibrating our conscience, for the temptation to put profit, fame and success ahead of values is often too great.

Regardless of how significant or insignificant our lives are, we will all be remembered…the question is HOW!

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