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The MarvinHR De-Brief – Episode 8

Marvin Podcast - Episode 8

Last but certainly not least, the 6th Engagement Factor we will discuss today is Legacy.

This concept resonates deeply with many, emphasising the importance of leaving a meaningful impact.

A compelling statistic is that over 10% of Australians actively volunteer their time and energy, showcasing a widespread commitment to creating a lasting legacy beyond their immediate circles. In a survey in 2023, over half (56.5%) of Aussie workers reported engaging in informal volunteering within the last three weeks.

Some find joy and purpose in laying bricks, while others dream of constructing grand cathedrals that touch the sky. What do we mean? Some people are focused on the outcome, while others are more focused on the process of getting things done.

The narrative of contrasting those content with routine against those pursuing a legacy is timeless. However, ambition does not necessitate leaving a mark on history. In the property management realm, the core responsibilities may appear monotonous, characterised by meticulous repetition of tasks daily. Nonetheless, this perceived repetitiveness should not detract from the role’s significance nor diminish the satisfaction it offers individuals passionate about this field.

Curiously, the notion of the ‘why’ behind an organisation fascinates many individuals with a high legacy. Take, for example, one of our esteemed clients—a drug and alcohol facility. Despite offering standard industry compensation (the award rate), we still consistently attract exceptional talents to these roles. The magnet? A shared vision and a desire to contribute to something larger than oneself.

In the bustling world of startups, the urgency for individuals driven by a desire to leave a legacy becomes even more pronounced. Startups’ tumultuous journey requires visionaries who can peer into the future and navigate the uncharted with tenacity and hope. It’s about crafting a narrative that will endure, making legacy an essential ingredient for long-term success.

Interestingly, in our marvinScout survey—completed by over 5,000 Australians—the revelation that ‘legacy’ ranks as the second-most crucial motivator is a testament to its undervalued significance.

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