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Ella Barwood.
Tomorrow, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. 
Please click here to access my article that explains how to analyse WGEA’s gender pay gap statistics.
It’s essential to recognise that reducing these disparities isn’t merely about placing numbers on a page; it requires a nuanced understanding of the multifaceted factors at play. It is essential to avoid oversimplification that suggests women are consistently paid less for equal work. KFC has a median gender pay gap of only 1.4%, according. Similarly, McDonald’s stands out with a zero gender pay gap and a balanced workforce of 51% men and 49% women (WGEA 2024). So, whether you’re satisfying your hunger or your desire for gender equality, these fast-food chains have got you covered.

2. HR/IR SNAPSHOTHave you felt that Uber is less affordable than it used to be? On average, uber rides are almost $4 more expensive than when the app first entered the market in 2009. The Australian government has recently introduced a new worker category for gig economy workers, which is the first of its kind. This category ensures that they receive basic working conditions and a safety net similar to that of employees. Uber is facing 40 million hours of lost work due to lower demand. 2024 is going to be increasingly challenging for employers in Australia.

3. TEAM DIARYFrom Vacancy to Victory. Recruiters typically fill a vacancy in 45 days, but not marvinHR. When the Victorian-based national governing body needed a CEO, we filled the position in just 32 days, sifting through over 100 applications. Similarly, we secured a Marketing Officer for a Real Estate Franchisor in 17 days from a pool of 70 top-notch candidates. Our secret? The Scout Survey. Our process is more efficient, allowing us to outpace the industry standard hiring time by 20 days.
1. Director guilty of bullying. Inadequate policies, training and reporting procedures didn’t help.
2. Australian job ads decline 2.8% in February. 12.4% drop year-on-year.
3. Government to contribute 12% Super on Parental Leave starting July ’25.
4. Realestate employees to be paid for additional travel to site: Fairwork 

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