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Turn Quitters to Performers – the Five C’s Method


Gallup’s latest State of the Global Workplace Reports that 43% of employees in Australia intend to leave their current roles and are actively seeking new opportunities!

Furthermore, 81% believe now is an excellent time to find a new job, 22% up on the previous year.

Whilst some of this is due to the worldwide resurgence in jobs last year, the workplace environment is a significant contributor.

The problem is two-fold: we are highly stressed, even angry, at work (below zero) and not engaged (above zero).

Our stress levels at work are at peak levels. 47% said they felt stressed a lot, while 15% said they were angry.

In terms of engagement, only 23% believe they are engaged at work (thriving). 67% are not engaged (quiet quitting), and 11% are actively disengaged (loud quitting).

All of this is making Australians less productive.

In the June quarter alone this year, labour productivity for the entire economy dropped by 2%.

Our year-on-year performance is a lot worse – down 3.2%.

A tight labour force has meant rather than more workers, we are working longer hours (87.5%)

But we are doing less with more!

How do we solve this problem? The 5Cs

Following are the key actions to take to increase engagement and productivity and reduce stress and staff churn.

  1. CLARIFY PURPOSE – What is our mission? Why are we here? What does success look like? This is particularly important with remote workers – only 28% of them strongly agree that they feel connected to mission and purpose.
  2. COMMUNICATE – Appropriate information- not too much and definitely not too little – but enough information on why, what, who, when and most importantly, how! Only 30% of managers strongly agree that they are informed about what is happening within their organisation.
  3. CULTURE – Accountability must be carefully managed in the workplace. Where there are commitments to performance – qualitative and quantitative, there must be accountability. Failure to hold people accountable, especially for bad behaviours can result in toxic work environments where anything goes.
  4. COACHING -Less than half of all managers believe that they have the skills to succeed in their jobs. And they want to close those skills gaps. They want the required resources and empowerment to perform. But most importantly, they want to be challenged and trained. They want to be coached!
  5. CONVERSATIONS – 1-on-1s are, by far, the biggest game changer in employee engagement. A 15-30min weekly meeting where (a) strengths are nurtured and weaknesses complimented; (b) goals and priorities set; accountabilities clarified; (c)collaboration and connection encouraged; and (d) feedback and recognition are provided for contribution.
    Put simply, meaningful feedback is the difference!
    80% of employees who say they have received meaningful feedback in the past week are fully engaged — regardless of how many days they worked in the office.

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