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The MarvinHR De-Brief – Episode 2

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Interview Insights:

During job interviews, we pay close attention to the micro-expressions, subtle cues, and minor details that many recruiters often overlook. By doing so, we uncover the true human side of each of our candidates.

Over 80% of marvinHR placed candidates stay in their role for over 12 months.

Our approach to role-filling is guided by the belief that the best things in life are worth waiting for. We don’t settle for any candidate that comes our way; we pursue the best candidates in the market.

Consider This:

While our competitors might have five fishermen satisfied with catching any fish, we have five fishermen dedicated to seeking out and capturing the finest fish in the ocean. Our ambition isn’t just to participate; it’s to excel

The marvinHR Way:

Our approach is akin to finding a life partner – we consider both the employer’s expectations and the employee’s skills and experience to make an ideal match. This is how we strive to create meaningful and lasting connections between employers and employees

Top 5 Tips:

  1. Interruptions (how and when). 
  2. Putting the chair back, offering to put away the glass.
  3. How they treat receptionists.
  4. Candidates using “I” instead of “We.”  
  5. Interact with more junior recruiters in panel interviews.

Your Hosts

Saarrah Mathinthiran


Nick Marvin


Ella Barwood


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