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Results of a 2024 Survey of 3,300 Australian adults uncovered that 1 in 7 Australian workers (15%) admit to using technology to sexually harass colleagues. 

Extrapolating these findings to the broader working population of Australia, which stands at 14 million, it can be estimated that over 2 million Australian workers have sexually harassed their colleagues online but have not faced any consequences for their actions…. disturbing misconduct continues to go unpunished.

A particularly alarming aspect of this study is that only 39% of these harassment instances resulted in formal complaints or reports against the perpetrators. Notably, the prevalence of sexual e-harassment is significantly higher among the male workforce (24%) compared to their female counterparts (7%).

The most frequent channels used for digital sexual misconduct are work emails, personal phones, personal emails, and work phones, in that order. Offenders often justify their behaviour by believing the recipient would welcome or perceive their actions as flattering.

Employers tend to minimise the impacts of digital harassment. Even without face-to-face contact, unwanted advances, explicit messages, and other improper actions online cultivate an increasingly psychologically unsafe environment for employees.

Employers need to hold offenders accountable with a zero-tolerance policy. If you need swift and practical support to address online sexual harassment incidents in your workplace, contact Saarrah today at for unparalleled support or visit our website.


HR/IR and Leadership.

In Australia, full-time employees are entitled to 10 days of sick leave per year under the National Employment Standards (NES). However, an interesting trend has emerged regarding when Australians are most likely to take a day off. 

The day after Anzac Day, which falls on Friday, April 26th every year, has become the unofficially preferred day for employees to “pull a sickie.” New data reveals a 53% increase in sickies on the 26th of April compared to any other working day. This strategic choice allows for an extended four-day weekend, which is tempting for many. 

Insights from an app, which has recorded over 102,000 consultations since its 2020 launch, reveal that the common cold and flu are the top reasons for sick leave, accounting for 33% of instances. The second most common reason is Gastro issues, with 19% of employees citing them as the cause of their absence. 

Survey data indicates that the average direct cost of absence per employee has increased from $3,395 to $4,025 in 2024.


Note that the WA government has rolled out an exciting initiative – a free flu vaccination program available throughout May and June. Learn more by clicking this link.


Team Diary 

We are excited to announce that our brand-new podcast, The marvinHR De-brief, is now available on Spotify and YouTube. The podcast is designed for HR professionals, recruiters, employers, job seekers, and business owners in Perth City. 

The podcast will offer actionable tips on elevating your recruitment strategies and HR practices and setting new benchmarks for success. In a job market as unique and fluid as Perth’s, staying informed and ahead is crucial. 

Check out our first episode titled ‘The Pilot’, where you can meet our dynamic trio of hosts – Nick Marvin, Saarrah Mathinthiran, and Ella Barwood. These HR experts have dedicated their careers to the human aspect of hiring and collectively have over 50 years of experience. Tune in for invaluable insights and knowledge sharing!

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