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22 July, 2024

In this episode, we revisit the story of the Wildcats’ journey.🔴 Highlights the team’s struggle with low attendance compared to American basketball.🔴 Mention Perth’s indifference towards basketball and the lack

17 July, 2024

1. WEEKLY INSIGHT Allegations of Slush Funds Unveiled at CMFEU You may be asking… What is a Slush Fund? If you don’t know who the CMFEU are: Image Source: The

15 July, 2024

The purpose is “the why.” Some call it strategy, but the purpose is way more fitting because it is interactive; it must constantly be reevaluated. Ninety days is an excellent

10 July, 2024

1. WEEKLY INSIGHT $1.2 Million Fine for Woolworths Due to Underpaying Victorian Staff’s Long Service Leave 🔴Woolworths fined $1.2 million for underpaying over 1,200 Victorian employees’ long service leave due

8 July, 2024

Again, rehashing the 5F’s… we will talk about Family. Strong family networks set you up for success. Education: Students with supportive parents are 81% more likely to graduate high school

4 July, 2024

1. WEEKLY INSIGHT The High Court ruled unanimously against Qantas for illegally outsourcing 1,700 jobs, a victory for the TWU (Transport Workers Union) Qantas previously outsourced ground handling & fleet

2 July, 2024

What are the 5 F’S Here they are in order of importance: In this episode, we will discuss mainly the first of the 5 f’s, which we consider the most

21 June, 2024

WRAP UP: This episode ends our segment on engagement factors. The key takeaway is the dynamic nature of these factors; they are not fixed but continuously evolve based on personal

14 June, 2024

Last but certainly not least, the 6th Engagement Factor we will discuss today is Legacy. This concept resonates deeply with many, emphasising the importance of leaving a meaningful impact. A