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7 June, 2024

Today, we are talking about the 5th Engagement Factor: Learning. Learning is a real need that employees have, and employers need to be aware of it. Only some people are

6 June, 2024

The In-Crowd uses Exclusion as a Weapon…how Racial Discrimination led to Employee Suicide. Every employee tends to favour co-workers whom they see as similar to themselves, which is explained by

4 June, 2024

Podcast Episode 6 discusses the next engagement factor: choice—more than flexibility or working from home. It emphasises the importance of autonomy in the workplace, especially for knowledge workers. For many,

24 May, 2024

From Silos to Synergy, Breaking Down Barriers for Employee Voice This episode delves into the critical concept of employee voice and its impact on engagement and retention. Employees who feel

23 May, 2024

Time Thieves Beware! Aussie Courts Crack Down on Overtime Exploiters with fines up to $165k. Employees are often categorised as exempt or non-exempt. Exempt employees, typically in supervisory or management

17 May, 2024

The Power of Recognition – More Important Than Rewards? This episode dives into the concept of “Recognition” as the Second Engagement Factor. Host Saarrah reminisces while enjoying a fruity Oasis

16 May, 2024

Dive into this week’s newsletter for an exciting exploration of what today’s job seekers are really after in their next career move (hint: it’s all about balance). Plus, learn how

10 May, 2024

SIX ENGAGEMENT FACTORS – Reward, Recognition, Voice, Choice, Learning, and Legacy. We focused on Remuneration: Why employees may seek higher wages 1. Personal circumstances.2. Contribution warrants fairer compensation.3. An inflated

9 May, 2024

 1. WEEKLY INSIGHT The grass isn’t greener… 1/4 of working Aussies have Re-Applied to their pre-COVID employer.  In an intriguing twist of career trajectories post-pandemic, a significant portion of the Australian