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The Future of HR – Why 83% of Businesses Opt for Outsourcing

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The High Court ruled unanimously against Qantas for illegally outsourcing 1,700 jobs, a victory for the TWU (Transport Workers Union)

Qantas previously outsourced ground handling & fleet presentation at 10 airports, impacting approximately 1820 workers.

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The Transport Workers’ Union challenged this decision, arguing it violated workplace laws. The TWU won the case in both the Federal Court and the High Court, with the High Court ruling unanimously in their favour.

The High Court found that Qantas illegally outsourced 1,700 jobs during the COVID-19 global pandemic. In July 2021, the federal court ruled that Qantas’s outsourcing of workers was partly driven by a desire to avoid industrial action, a breach of the Fair Work Act.

Qantas and the TWU are now returning to court to negotiate compensation for the affected workers. This follows the landmark High Court decision, which deemed Qantas’s actions illegal. The upcoming court appearance will determine the specific compensation details for the impacted workers.

Inside Clifford Chance (Global Law Firm) Decision to Dismiss one of their Perth Partners – Allegations of Serious Misconduct.

Clifford Chance, a global law firm (with over 40 staff members in Western Australia), confirmed the dismissal of a Perth office partner due to alleged serious misconduct. Following complaints, an internal investigation led to the partner’s termination. Clifford Chance has offices in the KPMG building, having moved there in 2021. 

The firm did not disclose the complaints’ timeline or specifics. Clifford Chance’s Global managing partner, Charles Adams, expressed regret and assured ongoing support for affected colleagues. 

Adams reassured the firm’s commitment to a respectful workplace and zero tolerance for misconduct.  Clifford Chance’s Asia Pacific regional managing partner, Connie Heng, stated the firm engaged the consultancy firm Elizabeth Broderick & Co. to promote a safer and respected work environment. 

  • Elizabeth Broderick & Co is tasked with assessing and advising on enhancing workplace culture. 
A supplied image obtained on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, of former sex discrimination commissioner Elizabeth Broderick. Ms Broderick will lead a workplace cultural review into the NSW Parliament over the next six months. (AAP Image/Supplied by the Parliament of NSW) NO ARCHIVING, EDITORIAL USE ONLY

The internal review commissioned by the firm was accidentally published on the Elizabeth Broderick & Co website on Thursday due to human error. This caused the page to appear in a Google search when it was not ready to be made public.

If you or someone you know needs help, contact 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732), or Sexual Assault Counselling Australia on 1800 211 028, the WA Sexual Assault Resource Centre on 6458 1828 or 1800 199 888 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Why 83% of Businesses Trust Outsourcing for Talent Needs

The new financial year has begun. Now is a great time to consider outsourcing your HR, starting from $1000 per month with marvinHR. Why outsource your HR?

  1. Compliance: Since the Closing the Loopholes Bill, 20 legislative changes have occurred.
  2. Time Efficiency: Around 45% of small business owners in Australia spend almost an entire day a week on HR tasks. Outsourcing can free up this valuable time.
  3. Talent Acquisition: 83% of Australian businesses believe attracting and retaining talent is challenging. We can leverage our expertise to improve your recruitment outcomes.
  4. Employee Retention: 47% of Australian HR departments report employee turnover as a significant challenge. Outsourcing can boost HR practices and, thus, employee satisfaction + reduce turnover.
  5. Cost Saving: Save over 20% on HR expenses.

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