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The MarvinHR De-Brief – Episode 10

Marvin Podcast - Episode 10

What are the 5 F’S

Here they are in order of importance:

  1. Faith/Mindfulness
  2. Family/Friends
  3. Fitness
  4. Function
  5. Fun

In this episode, we will discuss mainly the first of the 5 f’s, which we consider the most important: Faith/Mindfulness/Spirituality.

Science says that mental health and spirituality are fundamental to human functioning. How we see the world is very much dependent on our value set. Almost everybody had a faith framework around 20 to 30 years ago; half the Western world didn’t. Now, we have questions regarding our value set or mindset.

How do you see the world and recharge mentally? We think this is your rutter, setting your why and purpose and making sense of who you are.

Saarrah has observed that failing to prioritise the initial three aspects significantly influences her productivity and leisure. Previously, she primarily focused on her professional responsibilities (function) but noticed the consequential effects (ripple effects) on the other four areas over time. However, she adapted her approach through marvinHR sprints, realising the importance of balance. Notably, she found that skipping church on Sunday would directly correlate with a diminished presence and focus on the beginning of the workweek.

Nick brings up an important point about the fun element: if you don’t have a structured view of how you spend your break outside of work, individuals risk spending their lives in a cycle of passivity, such as watching Netflix and drinking wine.

So, in conclusion, when you disrupt the balance of the fives, everything falls apart. In next week’s episode, we will delve into the other 3 to 4 elements of the 5 f’s.

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Nick Marvin


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