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The MarvinHR De-Brief – Episode 11

Marvin Podcast - Episode 11

Again, rehashing the 5F’s… we will talk about Family. Strong family networks set you up for success. Education: Students with supportive parents are 81% more likely to graduate high school and have a 44% higher chance of post-secondary education [Source: Positive Action – Impact of Parental Involvement].

Saarrah talks about her family’s struggles, all of which are in France. She mentions that knowing about your employees’ families and humanising them is essential.

Ella asked earlier, “How do you draw the line between work and the human being?” What is okay and what is not OK?

We start by humanising every human we encounter. The world and Australia often say that we can’t ask these questions or that it is illegal to ask them, but they are essential as they make so much sense in our work.

When you speak to someone who is looking for a job, and they have certain living situations, e.g. they are a mother that needs the flexibility for school drop-offs, well, we welcome this data because if we can find that person a job to allow them to do drop their kids off in the morning, work a 6 hour day, then pick them up and do a 2-hour catch up in the evening, well terrific. The employer wins, the employee wins, and there is retention for a long time.

We must always be aware of someone’s changing environment. With employees, things change constantly, and you need regular contact.

Nick makes the point: If you had a magic wand, what would you want in your ideal role, and how could we help you find the right job?

Saarrah also makes a good point that our interviews are like an open conversation about where they see themselves in 5 years and how the ideal role will fit into their ecosystem, as there is no point in putting an employee in an environment where their values or opinions conflict because in 3 months, they will quit.

Gallup said weekly 1o1s are the number one way to increase engagement in the workplace.

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