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Do you accrue long service leave while on parental leave?

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$1.2 Million Fine for Woolworths Due to Underpaying Victorian Staff’s Long Service Leave

🔴Woolworths fined $1.2 million for underpaying over 1,200 Victorian employees’ long service leave due to payroll system errors, with discrepancies ranging up to $12,000.

🔴They attribute this to systemic failures in their payroll system.

🔴Based on most recent FWO reports, 1217 companies were audited across Australia – over 48% were non-compliant with workplace obligations.

FWC Auditors also found 583 (48%) were in breach of workplace laws:

🔴284 (23%) weren’t paying employees correctly.

🔴175 (14%) were non-compliant with pay slip and record-keeping requirements.

🔴124 (10%) breached both their monetary and non-monetary obligations.

(Source: Australian Greens Party on Facebook – 2023).

8 Must Know Points on Long Service Leave in WA

(Source FWC, 2021)

🔴In WA, all employees, regardless of their employment type are eligible for long service leave after 10 years of continuous service – entitlements increasing for every additional 5 years of service.

🔴Eligible employees receive >8.5 weeks of paid long service leave after 10 years

🔴Also an additional 4.3 (approx.) weeks for every subsequent 5 years of service.

🔴Paid parental leave counts towards the accrual of long service leave.

🔴Most forms of unpaid leave do not contribute.

🔴FIFO workers benefit from special considerations, with long service leave accruing for all weeks of employment, including off weeks, acknowledging their unique work patterns.

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